Happiness list 

~ everything is ok
~ even if isn’t okay, if it’s a thing you can’t control, don’t try to control, don’t try to control it
~ accept yourself, if you can’t be happy as yourself, at least accept yourself as you are right now. You can’t change yourself if you don’t know yourself
~ never be cool, never try to be cool, never worry what the cool people think. Head for the warm people. Life is warmth. You will be cool when you’re dead
~ find a good book and read it
~ enjoy the internet. Don’t use it when you aren’t enjoying it
~ never miss breakfast 
~ keep a routine 
~ go for a walk, go for a run, dance
~ connecting with the world has nothing to do with wi-fi
~ breathe 
~ love now, love RIGHT now
~ look at the sky, it’s ALWAYS amazing
~ spend some time with a non-human animal
~ be unashamedly boring, boring can be healthy 
~ it’s ok to cry
~ allow yourself to fail, allow yourself to doubt, allow yourself to change your mind
~ try to want less
~ do some YOGA